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Organic-Skincare.com is a


This Certified Organic 
Skin Care has been 
available worldwide
since Feb 2005 now 
with low cost shipping
and discount options 



What Is Organic?

Certified Organic 
products are grown 
and processed without 
the use of synthetic 
chemicals, fertilisers
or GMOs. 
Organics are not just 
chemical free by 
testing. It is about the
way your food is 
grown and handled. 
The whole system is 
linked - Soil, Plants, 
Animals, Food, People 
and the Environment. 

Why Choose Organic?

Good for the soil 
Good for the animals 
Good for environnment 
Good for people 
Organic tastes good 
No synthetic chemicals 
... No GMO's, No BSE 
(mad cow disease)  

Why Choose
Certified Organic?

The only way  that
can be assured that 
they are purchasing 
products,  produced
without the use of
synthetic chemicals
and GMO’s is to 
purchase products 
which have been 

The above information 
kindly supplied by 
Australian Certified 
Organic. The ACO is 
the certification arm 
of the Biological 
Farmers of Australia 


Users of Certified
Organic Skin Care 
and Certified Organic 
Cosmetics have their

My skin irritations
have calmed right 
down and my skin
looks and feels 
properly hydrated and
smooth.This is a relief
considering all the 
difficulties I've had
with my skin and
finding suitable 
Caroline T. Kew, VIC

My hair seems to
feel thicker. No more
itching scalp.
Sophia M, Newrybar

My skin has always
been extremely dry
and blemished with
broken capillaries.
I have only been using
your products for 3
months, however,even
by 4 weeks of using 
them my skin was 
moist, smooth and
unbelievably clear. My
complexion had 
never been better...
Hayley Mc,
Glen Waverly, VIC

... I live in the city so I
am surrounded by
pollution and it was
satisfying to know at
the end of the day I
can be using 
something that heals 
the damage I have 
done throughout the
Jessica H,  North
Sydney, NSW

I work outdoors in all
weather and for years
I've needed to use
moisturizer several
times daily. Now I use
the Rejuvenating
moisturizer once in
the morning and again
at night. My skin is
continuosly soft.
Rosemary C, NZ



"Pure Skin Food
Enhances Skin
Certified organic skin care, certified organic cosmetics online, chemical free ingredients



Rosemary Cawthorne
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100% Synthetic Chemical Free
Organic Skin Care And
Organic Cosmetics Online
*Internationally Certified Organic*
For Your Protection and Peace of Mind

Safe non toxic range of certified organic skin care, personal care, hair care and certified organic cosmetic products. No synthetic cosmetic ingredients which often cause adverse effects and allergic reactions in many people.

When using your skin care and personal care products have you ever experienced these symptoms of allergic reactions?
  • Irritations of the skin such as...redness, stinging, dryness, dermatitis, rashes or hives. 
  • Irritations of the eye such as...redness and stinging 

You are not alone! A large portion of the population experiences these allergic reactions. Shampooing ones hair is a classic example - have you ever got the shampoo in your eyes? Not a pleasant experience.

These are the obvious external problems you encounter.  What about the not so obvious internal long term problems caused by toxins and chemicals being absorbed through your skin?

Don't Be Fooled Into Believing Your Skin
Does Not Absorb Toxins And Chemicals

How do you think skin patches work? These are prescribed as an alternative way to administer medicines and HRT for example. Nicotine patches are used to help people give up smoking. All these patches work by the ingredients being absorbed through your skin.

You do not have to put up with allergic reactions to synthetic chemicals.They are easily prevented by using certified organic skin care, certified organic cosmetics and personal care products.

Organic Skin Care Product Labels
Can Be Misleading

When a label lists  "natural" or "organic" ingredients this does not mean the same as certified organic

As an example, lanolin which is manufactured from wool grease, the wax coating on the natural wool of sheep, is used in many types of cosmetics. It is usually touted as natural and pure. What the customer isn't told is that the sheep have probably been dipped (submerged or sprayed) with chemical pesticides to rid them of lice. Unless the lanolin is purified traces of the pesticides remain and are easily absorbed by our skin. (How many labels have you found stating purified lanolin?) Alternatively search for lanolin obtained from organically farmed sheep.

There is NO authority governing the term "natural" or "organic" on labels.

However, there are internationally recognised certifying bodies who govern the use of the term certified organic. If the product you are using claims to be organic but is not supported by the certifying body's logo it means absolutely nothing.

Certified Organic...
What Does This Mean?

Independent certifying bodies operate according to strict international standards.  The entire process of product development is rigorously monitored beginning with the seed...

  • how it is grown  
  • harvested  
  • stored  
  • transported  
  • processed 
Provided each stage is completed according to the international standards then the finished product will display the certified organic logo.

You will also see a list of beneficial ingredients on the label which are understandable rather than mysterious ingredients such as methychloroisothiazoinone which appears on some skin care product labels. (This toxic ingredient causes burning to skin and eyes and is harmful when absorbed by the skin)

Your Guarantee of Quality and Integrity
*Internationally Certified Organic*

Our skin care products comprise the only extensive range in the world to be certified organic by independent third party certifiers. Developed in Australia the product range is certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to the highest International Organic Food Standards. The ACO, Australia’s largest Organic Certifying Body, is accredited to certify organic operations in Australia, Europe, Japan, USA, Switzerland and the UK.

The ACO is a division of the Biological Farmers of Australia Co-op Ltd. They set and maintain stringest quality standards that are internationally recognised as either compliant with, or exceeding, all international requirements.

A Totally Unique Range of Certified Organic Skin care, 
Certified Organic Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

A unique range of over 100 certified organic products using high vitality clean and potent plant extracts.

These products come fitted with a dispenser which ensures no contamination when applying.

All products are formulated using a cold bioactive method which ensures the nutrients are totally available - in other words, high heat hasn't rendered the ingredients useless.

Every ingredient in every product is beneficial. Absolutely no chemical preservatives or emulsifiers.

  • Certified Organic Skin Care Products 
  • Certified Organic Hair Care Products 
  • Certified Organic Personal Care Products 
  • Certified Organic Oral Care Products 
  • Certified Organic Cosmetic Products
  • Certified Organic Essential Oils and Perfumes
  • 3 x Certified Organic Super Foods
1) Probiotic Superfood contains 26 living wholefoods which have been obtained from certified organic sources rich in phyto nutrients. Added to these is the complete Lactobacillus family ie. 13 strains working in harmony provide the correct balance in your intestinal tract which leads to a healthier immune system and good health maintenance.

Probiotics provide 'good bacteria' which help repair antibiotic damage.They increase nutrient absorption therefore assisting the immune system to fight off autoimmune diseases. This is a simplistic overview of probiotics.

2) Alkalising Superfood - 100% raw, vegan, body PH balancer. 10 ultra rich deep green ingredients help neutralise toxic body acids which can result from eg. eating acid foods, pollutants, high stress, drugs/alcohol.

3) Antioxidant Superfood - Revolutionary superfood contains 9 of the world's most potent, antioxidant super foods. High 4000 ORAC units per serving compared to approx 3500 from eating 7 servings of quality fruit/vegetables daily. ORAC  (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the standard for measuring total antioxidant power of a substance. Quality antioxidants assist with neutralising free radical damage possibly caused by poor eating habits, toxins and pollutants. It is believed that by reducing free radicals in our systems will then reduce the risk of poor health/illness.

Certified Organic Facial Skin Care
Designed Around 4 Different Skin Profiles

The following facial skin care profiles are available.

  • Balancing  - Normal/Combination 
  • Rejuvenating  -  Dry/Mature 
  • Purifying  - Oily/Problem 
  • Soothing  - Sensitive 
All products in this organic range are available individually. However, there
is a Skin Essentials Facial Skin Care pack available at a discounted price.

The facial skin care packs include, cleanser, skin conditioner and moisturizer. You choose your skin profile.

The facial conditioner has a twofold purpose: it feeds the skin with nutrients by way of herbs, vitamins and essential oils plus it provides a hydration base for the moisturizer to lock in.

Average Adults Are Exposed Daily
To Over 120 Chemicals
Just From Personal Care Products Alone

If you seriously want to remove allergic reactions and adverse health effects from toxic cosmetic ingredients here is where to buy your safe non toxic range of certified organic personal care products. (Using this link gives you low cost worldwide shipping plus a customer 20% buying discount)

Join the fast growing worldwide move towards healthy organics and better health. From figures supplied by Organic Trade Assn average yearly growth for organic non food items (includes personal care products) has averaged 23.89% growth per year from 2003 to 2010 (inclusive).

To receive a downloadable .pdf brochure on these absolutely pure, unique certifed organic skin care and personal care products and information of how to view/order...

Please Email Me
(Include your name and country)

With Low Cost Shipping Options

This range of certified organic cosmetics, organic skin care and personal care has been available online in Australia for 10 years. Manufacturing and offline sales began in 1996. Organic certification was achieved in 2001. Due to the effectiveness and popularity of these products the company expanded worldwide.
People have been buying these products for over 10 years. Customers love them because they are true to label

In 2002 the creator of this certified organic range teamed up with 2 experts well known for their years of experience in the organic and natural health industries. The benefit of this  company is that their range of certified organic skin care and personal care products has now become more readily available to more people.

Commitment to the health and vitality of customers and our planet is paramount.

The certified organic seals/logos on these products provide your guarantee of the authenticity and integrity of the company's claims of totally synthetic chemical free products containing truly pure, organic ingredients.

Would you like to be part of this world wide move to using certified organic products?

Like more information or have questions? Email Me including your name and country and/or go here to Buy Certified Organic with loyalty discount and low cost shipping. Choose your country destination first to view products in your currency.

Important Note Regarding Emails
I respond personally to all emails within 24 hours.Should you fail to receive my reply within 48 hours it has probably been blocked or returned. As your enquiries are important to me please email again using a different address.
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To your natural beauty!


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"Pure Skin Food Enhances Skin Beauty"™

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